Friday, October 2, 2009

trouvée: at the museum

No date or inscription. I don't recognize where this photograph was any of you?

A few goodies today:

* Paolo Ventura ~ Winter Stories (more here)
* Mickey Smith's latest on the 20x200 Thursday Edition
* and Playing with Pictures (oh my, Madam B!)

Thank you all for your comments and emails this week! I am hanging in there, but this grand jury stuff is tough. Really tough. Just trying to balance it all with life and work is exhausting. But, check back later this weekend...the second installment of my interview with KDM is waiting in the wings.

Happy, happy friday!


little augury said...

this is one of your best treasures of all- I am so fascinated by the moments that are captured like this- such elegance. GT

Janet said...

la ~ thank you! I am glad you like it. And you are right, it really is such an elegant moment. I don't think you could pose it if you tried.

Inkslinger said...

Absolutely wonderful photo!! Love the perspective.

And keep hanging in there (best of luck keeping it all together . . . grand jury . . . yikes)!

Anonymous said...

Could it *maybe* be the V and A before some revamping? I think there are Lord Leighton Lunettes that are currently hid by later additions of some king . . . just an idea . . .KDM