Tuesday, April 27, 2010

in san antonio

Along the riverwalk in San Antonio. So abundantly green ~ an urban oasis. Oh, and the McNay Art Museum is beautiful (its buildings, collections and people)!

I started a Texas set on flickr (with more to come!).


home before dark said...

Hope you are having a great time, ya'll.

p.s. Hope that new left handed disease—you know the one the ring is on—doesn't get in the way of focusing your camera. It takes quite a while for the left-hand dominance thing to work its way out...unless, of course, you are already left handed!

Janet said...

hbd ~ It was a great time, but also a lot of work. Thank goodness for all the fabulous Texas food, which kept me well fueled. And no need to worry about focusing issues...I don't have my ring yet. It is being fashioned as I write, and will be quite green (in more ways than one)!

home before dark said...

Could that be a passed down emerald?