Friday, April 30, 2010

trouvée: treasures

From a group of photographs I found last week at an antiques mall in Weimar, Texas (along with an 1830 Irish sterling silver serving spoon!). Ahhh...treasures. No inscription or date, but if a picture can be worth a thousand words, I certainly think this one is. {click to view larger}

Some things:

* Muybridge!
* a Louis Faurer film rediscovered
* a Jasper Conran book: Country
* and The Duel (looks interesting)

Happy weekend! Hurrah!


smilla4blogs said...

I love the pipe...they might be relatives :-)) !!!

BWS said...

And my great grandmother smoked a pipe now & again...

Janet said...

mom ~ they very well could be!

BWS ~ I believe those pipes were particularly popular amoung German immigrants, bith men and women (many of whom settled in that area of Texas).

Karena said...

Great photograph!! Love these women of such stature!

Art by Karena

glp said...

I love the camaraderie of those women!

Reggie Darling said...

The pleasure these women take in each other's company radiates through the decades that separate us from when this image was taken. Great photo.

little augury said...

Bernice bobs her hair and smokes a pipe(the unwritten short story) Rebels are always pretty stylish. pgt