Friday, March 18, 2011

trouvée: two broads and some bread

Just couldn't resist ~ because it's friday, and I thought we could all use some levity. Throw in a 1937 Ford and you have a little bit of fabulousness. This one found somewhere, in some box (I can't remember exactly). {click to view larger}

I have been working hard, and thinking hard this week! I am ready for the weekend and a margarita (!!!).

Two nice things:

* Seton Smith has a new show opening
* and Jane Eyre opens in Washington tonight (and I have a date to see it!)

Have a good one. Enjoy.


smilla4blogs said...

The perfect antidote to a dreary week's news! The kind of capture that makes me REALLY jealous...that and the fact you are seeing "Jane Eyre" tonight!!!

Inkslinger said...

Oh what a great photo! Fires the imagination.

And yay for Jane Eyre!

home before dark said...

We discussed pairing booze to books. Shall we now contemplate booze to in What Would Jane Eyre Drink? Hope you had a lovely evening with that eagle eye gentleman of yours and lots of discussion about the interiors!

Reggie Darling said...

What a sweet photo. Thank you for sharing it.

Janet said...

Jane Eyre was fabulous. Just the right amount of everything.

hbd ~ Port. No question. And, yes, the gentleman kept pinching my arm and pointing out rooms we had visited, saying "that's Broughton Castle" . . . or "I loved that wallpaper." The whole thing is a visual delight!