Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Our second evening in Pennsylvania. We walked, through the fields and into the woods. Me and two of my favorite guys. We talked, I can't even remember what about, but it was good talk. And as the sun slipped slowly behind the inky mountains, we headed back to the house. The men gathering kindling for a fire as I followed behind. Twilight is my favorite hour, the moment when you savor the last bit of a good day, before heading home to a warm fire and a good meal.

- - - - - -

Yesterday Emile honored me with a Stylish Blogger award. Since then I have been thinking about style. Webster's Dictionary defines style as "a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself," or "a particular mode of living." I like to live well, and fully. On my own terms, and with the people I love most. I suppose my blog is a reflection of that, and so to have Emile (who I hold in high regard) pay me the compliment of an award, I am truly flattered.

Thank you.


glp said...

you are my style role model. hugs from afar.

Gretchen said...

What a nice weekend. Thanks as always for sharing your travels and the little details you find along the way. xoxo

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I can guess the guilty parties and it sounds delightful; I love that crisp Pennsylvania weather!
You two are the very definition of stylish -well deserved :-)

Raulston said...

These are exceptional photos! It seems as though it was a fabulous weekend getaway. Thank you for taking us along on your travels.

Anonymous said...

In my next life I wish to view the World through your eyes--what an amazing journey that would be. Miss you, my friend~MIR

home before dark said...

So we know ONE guy is the gentleman. Did Cooper go AWAL from Maine? What a delicious comment Anon made. Put that in your laurel pile!

Janet said...

glp ~ I have a feeling you and Miss Claire are looking more than stylish on an Italian beach. xo

G ~ ahhh, geee, thanks! Hopes yours was wonderful too.

Stefan ~ You know the guilty parties well. It was a beautiful weekend up there in your home state.

Raulston ~ thank you!

MIR ~ I miss you too (as I wipe away a tear, sniff). We have shared our fair share of adventures!!!

hbd ~ Cooper is busy holding court in New England. He has yet to make it to Pennsylvania. No, these travels included a visit to a dear friend at Fallingwater. . .