Monday, April 11, 2011

growing season

Government shutdown averted, I may now turn my mind to more gentil pursuits. Gardening! Tender sprouts and top soil are the topics du jour. You may recall last year's roof garden (complete with ugly-ripe tomatoes and urban landscaping)? Well, it was such a huge success with the community that we have received permission from the condo board to grow again. Along with additional pots, a new garden hose, and a BUDGET! I am already dreaming of tasty summer meals garnished with fresh herbs.

While I was in London this past February, I stopped by Petersham Nurseries in Richmond (after my outing with Emile). It was not yet spring, but the greenhouses were filled with seedlings and pots of bulbs. . . and an impressive line up of Wellington boots (would it be too outrageous to tromp around a concrete roof in a pair of Hunters?). Visual inspiration for the growing season to come.

Ahhhh, cooking & gardening:

* you grow girl
* How I Cook (Skye Gyngell's latest cookbook)
* great food from Penguin + Coralie Bickford-Smith
* and Emily Dickinson's herbarium (just to give it all a historical twist)

Happy monday!


Style Court said...

Love the visual connection between the green wellies and the herbs!

Angela said...

For a split second I thought your new roof-top garden budget came with a supply of wellies for all the condo inhabitants yo garden in!

home before dark said...

I say dress for success. How appropriate to wear Hunters & Gather.

glp said...

I am so excited to hear about this year's roof garden! Yesterday I met a woman who was watering her peonies (bloomed two months early in HOT bologna) whose daughter and grandkids proceeded to plant veggies in the garden behind our apartment building. Claire wanted to eat the dirt but it was so much fun! Thinking of you

Pigtown-Design said...

just adore petersham!

Gretchen said...

Oh honey, put on those boots and splash yourself a bit with your new garden hose to make you feel better. Cannot wait to hear more. And noting your Petersham outing for my upcoming jaunt.

Janet said...

Court ~ ahhh, thank you!

Angela ~ I wish! For what we received as our budget, we could MAYBE buy two pairs of Hunters.

hbd ~ I am all for over kill every now and then.

glp ~ you have me dreaming of peonies, hot Italian beaches, and a cool glass of Pinot Grigio. xoxoxo to you and Mis Claire. Can't wait to hear of your adventures, dirt and all!

Meg ~ they should open an outpost in the DC-Baltimore area.

G ~ if you are going to play the part, you need to act the part. Headed over to Zappos right now. . .