Thursday, April 28, 2011

wild greens

As excitement builds over tomorrow's royal nuptials, details about the wedding flowers have begun to trickle out ~ white lilac, wisteria, azalea and lily-of-the-valley mixed with wild green shrubs, maple and hornbeam trees. All set to transform Westminster Abbey into a woodland wonderland.

I am reminded of my first trip to St. Andrews in 2008, where wildflowers cling to the craggy bluffs above the famous rocky beaches. Even in June the North Sea winds blow cold and damp. Most of my time in Scotland was spent combing through books in the basement of the university archives, but on my lunch break I would grab a bag of fish and chips and head for the bluffs. The hot, salty fish burning my fingers as I sat on a bench watching the water, huddled in a warm wool scarf. It is a wild, romantic place.

Things British, to put you in the mood:

* the places of Jane Eyre's world
* Hicks and Jekyll on Style Court
* Kate Headley's London
* and a discovery in St. Martin's Lane

Until tomorrow. Cheers.


Emile de Bruijn said...

Those images of plants at the water's edge emind me of Derek Jarman's garden.

I was admiring the use of whole trees along the nave in Westminster Abbey this morning: symbolic, auspicious and beautiful. I wonder who thought of that?

Janet said...

Emile ~ gosh, yes, indeed! And the trees were fantastic. I would love to know who thought of them too, and I have a feeling that the details of the will continue to trickle out.