Thursday, May 19, 2011

up in the air

Our little garden on the roof. Anyone need basil? Because we have more than we can handle. The plants love the cool, wet weather.

Container gardening is an interesting challenge, especially 11 stories off the ground! Things don't work the way they do on (or in) the ground. We learned a lot from our mistakes last summer, and seem to be doing very well this year. I have found Gayla Trail's blog You Grow Girl to be a fantastic resource. . . and her book Grow Great Grub has become my gardening bible.

So what to do with all those herbs? Get cookin'! Last night the gentleman made bruschetta, with local mozzarella, tomatoes, big FRESH basil leaves, and a slice of avocado. And I am thinking this chilled leek soup sounds good.

What's cooking in your kitchen?

Or for that matter, growing in your garden. . . ?


Karena said...

Oh fresh basil, for pasta, caprese salad, pesto sauce, yum!

Art by Karena

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Gretchen said...

Okay, you just blew my mind. Avocado on bruschetta?! Have I been living under a rock before now?.

Would love to talk gardening at some point - had no idea roof gardening was such a different beast.

I'm digging baby lettuce right now. And snap peas. Gearing up for the start of my CSA season. Trying to get the garden under control.


Baker Martin said...

Too much basil....never! Make pesto and freeze ice cube tray portions for when you crave summer in January. Just finished the favas in my garden and am now waiting for tomatoes, Cherries in the market are heaven sent.

Janet said...

Karena ~ it has been divine! The small of the basil alone is fantastic.

G ~ Oh, yes! Avocado!!! Gardening on the roof is a little like gardening on the tundra. Extremes in temperature and wind (whoa)! But, I have been gardening by the book, and it has worked like a charm. One good thing about the roof: fewer bugs.

Baker Martin ~ I am waiting for the peaches at the market. And I see our tomatoes coming along. Here's to cherries!

home before dark said...

Green with envy about the basil. Basil chiffonade is an incredible addition to almost anything. Enjoy!

glp said...

ok. i too am green with envy. i have no terrace here to plant anything. just buying basil at the market with my veggies and they basically give me a whole plant every time. and i so want to make that leek soup, like, tomorrow - but nothing to puree with in this borrowed apartment. sigh. thinking of you and hope you are well.

Janet said...

hbd ~ last night's meal was the first basil-free dinner in days. The dill was starting to bolt, so I had to do something about it.

glp ~ well, if they give you the whole plant. . . ! Hope you are making up lots of that famous pesto of yours. As for the leeks, they can wait for next year. In the mean time, enjoy where you are. I am dying to catch up. xoxo to you and Miss C.