Monday, March 26, 2007

dead zone

My brother sent me this link last week, and I have spent the past several days completely consumed by it ~ Elena Filatova’s travelogue through the “dead zone” around Chernobyl. So much was lost in the spring of 1986, it boggles my mind. And we continue lose more and more of our cultural and environmental heritage around the globe as a result of the carelessness of human action. I generally write about the beautiful places and things that inspire me ~ Elena's journey made me realize just how very fragile they are.

(image: Elena Filatova)


convergence said...

Her shots of the gulags are remarkable as well. She has an amazing ability to capture such beauty from something so horrible.

Janet said...

Agreed. The piece on the gulags really got to me too. I hope she continues to do more travelogues.