Monday, April 23, 2007

white house in bloom

With a beautiful blue sky overhead and tulips in full bloom, the Spring 2007 White House Garden Tour couldn't have been more glorious. This was my first time on the White House grounds (and I have lived in Washington for 14 years!). Anyway, I was delighted and snapped photographs like a madwoman. It is really hard to describe how elegant the building and grounds are. And the carved details are beautiful ~ not something you normally take note of in the news reports. Unfortunately my camera batteries were dying, so I couldn't zoom in on the fantastic roses that top each Corinthian column on the South Portico. There are trees planted by presidents from Andrew Jackson to John F. Kennedy to the current President Bush. And of course, Jackie's and Lady Bird's touch is everywhere. The garden tours, which are only held once each Spring and Fall, give the general public a chance to stroll the grounds and enjoy the "peoples' house" as it truly should be enjoyed.

North Facade.

Wisteria on the South Portico.

The Rose Garden.


style court said...

More exquisite architecture and gardens! Sounds as if the beauty of the place truly impacted you. Glad you finally saw it in person.

cgb said...

I am so jealous of all the leaves and flowers! I'm glad it is SPRING somewhere! cgb

Fairfax said...

I got to watch fireworks from the lawn in 1999 - during the clinton years and even saw Bill doing the ropeline. Way cool!