Thursday, April 19, 2007

parakeets and pearls

Remember how enamored I was by the fabulous green flocked wallpaper at Kenmore? It was made by Adelphi Paper Hangings, which specializes in accurately reproducing historic wallpapers by hand using traditional methods. The Kenmore paper, Everard Damask (English, circa 1760) is based on a paper fragment in the collections at Colonial Williamsburg. I think it is amazing how wonderfully these old designs can work in a contemporary setting. They are so bright and clear ~ and show how much our ancestors loved color! If you are interested in seeing more historic wall coverings, Historic New England has an amazing online database of their collections (which I love to browse).
Everard Damask, English, circa 1760

Parakeets and Pearls, French , circa 1780

Arabesque Pigeons, American, circa 1790

Ada Harris, American, circa 1810-1820

Vine and Paisley, French, circa 1820

(images: Adelphi Paper Hangings)


Kerry said...

These wallpapers are absolutely beautiful!!...especially the Parakeets and Pearls. I just found your blog through a comment you left re: Holly's posting on 4/28 on decor8. I used to live in DC, and now work in a museum, like you. Thanks for your lovely words about my home...and I'm so glad I found your blog. I'll add it to my favorites.

Janet said...

Thank you ~ I am so glad you like my blog! And it's always wonderful to meet another museum person.