Friday, April 27, 2007

trouvée: parasols

Yesterday I came home to find a small, thin, ivory-colored envelope waiting in my mailbox. When I opened it, out fluttered the most beautiful snapshot ~ these ladies with parasols. My friend Justin had found it and said it made him think of me ~ how nice to be thought of in such a lovely way! It reminds me a little of a Lartigue photograph, but it has a stillness not characteristic of his work. Anyway, I think a parasol and a head scarf should be my new look for summer.


cally said...

how beautiful, and I agree, the headscarf and parasol are such a good look, i'm amazed that parasols haven't come more into vogue again now that people are more aware of skin cancer.

i had two that i loved when i was young and i used to swan around the park with them... i had no idea i must have looked odd, but i bet it looked cute too.

i was getting all nostalgic for them when i saw that red one (from the photo's i posted yesterday), so zingy and cheerful.

cgb said...

Deffinitely you in a former life! I can think of two well worn and tattered parasols tucked away in a loft somewhere. cgb

bluebird said...

what a sweet image!