Friday, April 6, 2007

trouvée: who is she?

I loved this photograph when I found it ~ it is so gorgeous! The scan really does not do it justice ~ the details in the print are unreal. I have no information about it at all, but am profoundly curious about this woman. I am convinced there is a story....

Happy Passover and/or Easter to all!


ladypirate said...

This is a great old photo. I love old photographs of people unknown and unknowable. Perhaps it's the poet/writer in me. I look at the faces of long-ago strangers and imagine a story to go with them. And sometimes I even write it down, but often as not I just enjoy wondering who they were, what they were like.

And Happy Passover and/or Easter to you as well!

cgb said...

this is my favorite photo so far. I love seeing all your "found" photos! cgb