Thursday, January 3, 2008

a new year's walk

Have you missed those historic house tours? I have! Well, January 1st was a gorgeous sunny day in Virginia ~ and just perfect for a winter's stroll through the grounds of Stratford Hall. It was closed to the public (but I know some people who know some people), and so our little group could enjoy the estate undisturbed (except for the occasional gunshot of a hunter's rifle). The official house tour was back in March, and we all fell in love then ~ seriously, just look at those chimney clusters! I am now officially smitten. (G and P you are doing a great job ~ I can't wait for the next visit!)


Pigtown-Design said...

Great pix. Great house!

Cher Ami said...

it looks amazingly cozy :)

Style Court said...

I'm so glad these tours are back! I love them.

bugheart said...

i didn't know
you lived in dc!
. . . . .
my partner and i
a tour of this house
2 summers ago
i think
but we had the most
german lady docent.
it was just
i need to get
out more
and see
the historic
houses in
the area.