Friday, August 15, 2008

attingham: one last favorite

One last favorite ~ Tyntesfield ~ and a confession. By the time we got to Tyntesfield late in the third week, I was suffering from complete house fatigue (yes, it can happen). Anyway, during the formal garden tour I escaped from the group (along with a few co-conspirators), ran giddily across a field full of cow patties, and hid out in the greenhouses. Shameless, I know. But, oh what a reward! ~ tables full of drying garlic, potted geraniums and carnations (the old-fashioned kind that smell like your great-grandmother's scented talcum powder), and rows and rows of cutting flowers. All part of the workings behind a great estate ~ and a little bit of refuge from the rest of the world.

So, this weekend go do something just a little bit naughty...! I am off on another adventure ~ I will see you later next week with a few last bits of inspiration from England, and perhaps a few new ones from New York. Be well.


Be the change..... said...

thats probably the part of the trip you'll remember the most years to come!

Anna said...

Hey Janet - Finally checking out your blog. It is just amazing, very inspiring, and distracting! Think I will have to follow suit and spend more time on my blog now that things are over.

John R said...

only just a little naughty?

Anonymous said...

Adore gardenias - they (and the tea olive) perfumed the air in Savannah - I miss them. KDM