Friday, September 19, 2008

trouvée: the looking glass

Out of context, this photograph seems a bit odd ~ the frame for a looking glass, incongruously hung on a fabric backdrop. The verso is annotated with various numbers and prices, so my suspicion is that it was probably part of the photographic record for an estate auction or sale. I wrote my masters thesis on looking glasses, so it appealed to me ~ that and the wonderful strangeness of it.

A few quick links (not all photo related):

* Earth and Sky ~ Barbara Bosworth
* Egg and Nest (fascinating!)
* a brief chat with Helen Levitt
* and Morandi opens at the Met!

I am off again on another adventure ~ exploring familiar territory. Type to you in a week. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Fascinating photo....from another who LOVES looking glasses! cgb

Sabina said...

What an interesting topic for your masters thesis. That photo is beautiful and a bit haunting somehow.

sdc said...

The eerie part about this photo is that there is no actual looking glass, it's like a blank stare. What field was your thesis in? Art history? Literature?

Janet said...

SDC, I did my masters in museum studies. My thesis grew out of a paper I wrote for a decorative arts class.