Wednesday, September 17, 2008

armchair traveler

Well...mmm...I have been busy. But I have a treat for you ~ I have at long last edited down the 1194 images I took this summer in England, and uploaded my 166 favorites to Flickr! Not an easy task my friends. So, here it is ~ Attingham 2008. Enjoy and xo.

P.S. Why did I not join Flickr sooner?!? love it.


Sabina said...

Gorgeous Photos!!

Sabina ~

Ms. Wis. said...

That was absolutely wonderful. Breathtaking.

The keyhole, the Morris x3 closeup, the portrait at Tredegar (Italian Renaissance velvet fabric I think?), the working greenhouse at Tyntesfield and the pair of Haws 2 Imperial gallon cans, the Dyrham painted door, the weeping silver pear tree...

I particularly loved #6 at Uppark which looked like a closeup of a painting and then was revealed in the next photo — an image just as wonderful even knowing what it actually was.

Oh but the very best was certainly Calke — strange, quirky, personal, mysterious and a bit sad.

I discovered your blog while you were on the trip and it was lovely to see these pictures. What a memorable experience it must have been.

Ms. Wis. aka

Janet said...

Sabina ~ thanks! And Ms. Wis ~ nice to meet you. So glad you enjoyed the photographs...I love all of your comments!

Be the change..... said...

I love flickr and your photographs are beautiful! I upload everything to flickr, if everything is pre-named, you can load them all at once and then leave them be for the most part. It's such an easy way to share photos!