Friday, December 5, 2008

trouvée: back of the house

Found in Maine this past weekend at one of my favorite haunts ~ the Big Chicken Barn. It is not inscribed, but there is a photographer's studio stamp on the back from Albany, New York. I love that this humble little scene has been mounted on such a formal cabinet card.

Lots of photo goodies today:

* Elegance
* Hong Kong Yesterday
* New York, N. Why?
* Anonymous Works (a bit more than just photographs!)
* and the Blackbird

The other day I heard a snippet on the news about alternative (and inexpensive) ways to enjoy the holiday season. One suggestion was to visit a museum. While I was a bit miffed at the notion that visiting a museum is an "alternative" activity, I do think that is a good idea ~ and a great way to support these institutions in troubling times. So, on a local note, there is a lot going on here (from caroling to ice skating...and more!).

Next week, I have some holiday-related things in store for you! In the mean time, enjoy the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Janet, after a long and tough semester, I am looking towards the end of the papers/presentations to a museum trip to DC. Can you suggest some not to miss museums? We want to see art as well as objects, materials, buildings, and the dinos.


glp said...

I love the Blackbird! What fun.