Tuesday, December 8, 2009

book week: the classics

classic n 1: a literary work of ancient Greece or Rome; 2 a: a work of enduring excellence; also: its author b: an authoritative source; 3: a typical or perfect example (from Webster's)

I am getting a bit of a late start on book week...but better late than never, right? There has been so much talk lately about the classics ~ from Penguin's fresh approach with Coralie Bickford-Smith's hardbound editions and Ruben Toledo's trio of covers, to John Carrera's re-appreciation of the Pictorial Webster's (learn more about the project here). So, I though it would be fun this year to focus on those enduring works that take up residence on our book shelves and worm their ways into our hearts.

Last year's book week included EEE's online debut, KDM's magnificent list of White House books, and Inkslinger's top fiction picks. And there's even more in store for 2009...so stay tuned!


home before dark said...

I stand at the ready. I am new to this series. Lucky for me, it's all to be explored.

Off topic, but not really, thought you might be interested in today's post at Trouvais. A found treasure of silk threads of a time long ago, the need for archiving this little wonder and perhaps a bit of a mystery. Have fun.

Anne said...

Oooh! The Toledo books are also must-haves. *sigh*

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