Friday, December 25, 2009

trouvée: christmas 1921

Clipped from the page of a photo album...gosh, I wish I could have seen all of it, because I am a little curious about life on Cedar Street.

Some holiday lovelies:

* The Alba Madonna
* The Journey of the Magi
* Sassoferrato at the Hearst Castle
* and Cameron's Madonna with Children

Enjoy...with a glass of eggnog and a ginger cookie. From my street to yours, here's wishing you a Merry Christmas.


Mr. Inkslinger said...

Merry christmas, JCB, from N.B. to Maine via the beltway!

Anne said...

Merry Christmas!! xo

Blue said...

Happy Christmas, JCB. Central Park is cold, snowed over, damp and the perfect place for a stroll on Christmas morning. Enjoy your day.

Scott Fazzini said...

What a perfectly adorable little tree! Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Lady JaJa from Bama. Its actually cold here in Dixie, so we have had a fire going all day! Safe travels and see you back in DC! Lee

nikole said...

i never tire of eggnog and ginger cookies, happy holidays.

victoria thorne said...

i keep coming back to this, the tree from cedar street

there is something very magic here

it is a good story...a very good story

(beautiful work you are doing, JCB)


Janet said...

Victoria ~ there is a story indeed! If only trees could talk. Thanks for stopping by!