Tuesday, December 15, 2009

book week: the style mavens

When I sent out emails asking a few friends to participate in book week, today's contributors were the first to respond. Both are endlessly stylish with a distinct flair for the original.

1) Courtney of Style Court ~ a classic in her own right! Hers was one of the first blogs I ever read, and she continues to amaze me daily with her keen eye:

* Horst Interiors (1993), by Barbara Plumb
* Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People (2007), by Hamish Bowles
* Goodbye Picasso (1974), by David Douglas Duncan
* Matisse, his Art and his Textiles: The Fabric of Dreams (2005), by Ann Dumas, Jack Flam and Remi Labrusse
* Chinoiserie (1999), by Dawn Jacobson

2) and The Blue Remembered Hills ~ who never fails to impress even the most jaded of us with his witty, bold posts:

interior decorating:
* Mlinaric on Decorating (2008), by Mirable Cecil and David Mlinaric
* Mark Hampton on Decorating (1989), by Mark Hampton
* Defining Luxury (2008), by Geoffrey Bilhuber
* Thad Hayes: The Tailored Interior (2009), by Thad Hayes
* Jamie Drake: New American Glamour (2005), by Jamie Drake

interior design history:
* Search for a Style: Country Life and Architecture, 1897-1935 (1989), by John Cornforth
* Upholsterers and Interior Furnishings in England, 1530-1840 (1997), by Geoffrey Beard
* Early Georgian Interiors (2005), by John Cornforth
* James 'Athenian' Stuart: The Rediscovery of Antiquity (2007), by Susan Weber Soros
* The Genius of Robert Adam: His Interiors (2001), by Eileen Harris
* and World of Interiors (collected since 1983)

(top: Horst P. Horst, Yves Saint Laurent in a Garden, 1986; bottom: James Stuart, Kedleston Hall, design for the decoration of the end wall in a state room, 1757-1758, Courtesy of Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire, The Scarsdale Collection, The National Trust)


{Tara} said...

So many tempting options here...I don't even know where to begin! I also did a book list last week: http://nothing-elegant.blogspot.com/2009/12/list-books-worth-kissing-santa-for.html

*I couldn't wait and ordered one for myself already! ;)


Blue said...

That was very nice of you, JCB. Thank you for the compliment. Blue

home before dark said...

I agree with you about both. I found "Blue" though you and have come to view him as a wealth of information and old world style, to say nothing of his wearing his heart on his most worldly sleeve. And that is something that I find redemptive and nurturing in this modern world of ours. And Courtney's passion for style greets me in the mornings with enthusiasm, knowledge and a curator's triage. Have become a great fan of her pairings. So much more sophisticated than what lies on the surface.

Style Court said...

Janet and HBD -- I'm honestly touched by your comments. You know how to lift a girl's spirits on a day when she doesn't feel particularly stylish or together! It goes without saying that Janet and everyone included in Book Week inspire me greatly.

Blue's list here is outstanding. Love the image used at the top of the post!


pve design said...

Books like these have a way of making spirits bright!

little augury said...

Love these picks-and both daily reads. Courtney has the best December posts for Christmas of anyone. Blue-I have grown quite fond of. A great teacher I am learning about the great qualities for the period in design I have lost track of. He is always thoughtful on his comments and to say the least his posts.
As to SC's list- have them except Picasso-which I will look into. the HORST book is a must. And Blue's ID list-wow I feel great I have them all-except Hayes. Guess I should get that one. Now that History list-I have my work cut out for me! Georgian yes-the others No, except from his stacks or cases of WoI mine are meager. Blue do you consider a lending library, I suspect NEVER! Great bloggers both and both keep me aspiring and inspired.Gaye

Style Court said...

Gaye -- appreciate the generous words. I think you would appreciate the Picasso book on several levels. But Blue's history list is filled, I'm thinking now, with must haves!

Janet said...

Courtney and Blue ~ you are most welcome...thank you!

...and to all, I hope your bookshelves will be overflowing this holiday!

Toby Worthington said...

That Blue's bookshelves bear a striking resemblance to my own ought to have come as no surprise at this point in time. Still, it's always reassuring to know that one's enthusiasms are shared by others! John Cornforth's books were an invaluable source when I was writing up the recent guest post for Emily Evans
Eerdmans. (And thank you, Janet, for the lovely compliment on my efforts.)

Janet said...

Mr. Worthington, I think that half the fun of these posts has been discovering a few new "must haves"...and the other feeling rather pleased with oneself for already having so many on one's shelf. The Cornforth books are a tremendous resource.