Tuesday, February 1, 2011

coconut cream pie & other things

Time out . . . for dessert! A gorgeous spread put together by a few good friends to celebrate our nuptials. A belated wedding shower. The theme ~ can you guess it? Yep. . . books & booze! With a side of coconut cream pie.

We are truly spoiled.

We have enough books, wine, Scotch, Port, and sherry to get us through this long, cold winter (and very likely the next).

Thank you friends.


(photo taken on my iPhone, using shakeitphoto)


Style Court said...

Kudos to the food stylist!

It was such a fun theme for a very deserving couple.

I've been using the hipstamatic but now I'm curious to try shakeitphoto. Thanks for the link.


Janet said...

A cook and food stylist extraordinaire!

Courtney ~ you will love the shakeit! I have to be careful not to over do it. . .

home before dark said...

How DOES scotch go with coconut cream pie? What fun to celebrate with who truly know you. You'll have to let us know what particular booze goes well with what particular book. I see a whole new world opening up!

Inkslinger said...

Coconut cream pie!!! Mmmmm . . . I've yet to successfully conquer pies, but that just looks so inspiring. Off to the recipe books I go.

pve design said...

My kind of pie and booze...and the books too.

Janet said...

hbd ~ the gentleman says he has no idea. But, he can vouch for bourbon and key lime cake. I have never considered book pairings before, but think it a grand idea. To be continued. . .

Inkslinger ~ I am terrible at pies myself. I love to eat them, but am much better at cakes. I LOVE making cakes. Layer cakes, Bundt cakes, mini cakes, cup cakes. . . oh, and frosting. I might be able to plead with the cook for her secret recipe.

pve ~ a combination that is hard to resist, no?

EFT Therapy said...

Looks yummy! Oh, lovely photograph too!