Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer idyll

After a busy week of work (running around New England), the gentleman and I finally have a few days of down time in Maine ~ reading, writing, beachcombing. Eating (it's a good year for strawberries!).

There's lots to share. . . houses, history, and more. But, it will all have to wait until next week. I am signing off for now ~ it's time to be with family and friends. Time to celebrate our Independence. Wishing those of you stateside a very happy holiday.

A good weekend to all!


Style Court said...

Janet, with your styling by hue, the beach glass is spectacular! But you already know I love that shot. Enjoy your downtime.

Erica said...

The beach glass is spectacular!

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pve design said...

Your images do not imply any sort of "busy" to me, they look as though time has stopped to admire and breathe in the beauty of one's surroundings.
What camera do you have to capture such nostalgia.
That Hamilton home is truly splendid. I adore Maine.

Janet said...

Courtney ~ we are so ready for a couple days of quiet time. Hope your weekend is relaxing too!

Erica ~ thank you!

pve ~ I have learned to stop and smell the roses along the way! I had some research to do in Salem last monday and drove in a couple hours early to walk around the town (when I took this image). All these photos were taken in my iPhone, using the Instagram app (so much fun!). But it's great because I can email them right to flickr and then upload to the blog while on the road.

Suzanne said...

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for leaving us with such a pretty picture!