Wednesday, July 6, 2011

even in the fog

. . . Maine is glorious. I love the sound of the fog horns, and the clanging of invisible buoys. The stillness of the water, and the smell of salt air. I love the comfort of wrapping oneself up with a blanket at night.


It was hard to leave.


Blue said...

I can imagine it was hard to leave - having seen the photograph of the fog I think I know what you mean. Happy homecoming!

Anonymous said...

And it was lonely with you away.......~MIR

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

Hot and sunny and humid here so the fog images were like a cool breeze. And nothing better than blanket weather in the summer.

pve design said...

I love Maine too. Fond memories of working there and telling my husband that we were with child. Little did we know that there were "2" - and now those two are preparing to leave for college. Imagine that.

smilla4blogs said...

...and it was so hard to see you go.

The Down East Dilettante said...

You had fog? We've been nothing but dry and hot two hours up the coast.

And yes, I sometimes think it is loveliest of all here in a gentle fog.

Hurry back.

Janet said...

Blue ~ thank you. But, I am ready to turn right around and go back. . .

MIR ~ it was good to catch up this morning. I am sorry we missed you on the way back to DC.

Ms. Wis ~ it is hot and sticky in Washington too. I could use another foggy day in Maine!

pve ~ oh, so sweet! Can't believe those handsome gents of yours are off to college.

mom ~ we'll be back!

DED ~ yup. Same state, but a world away it seems. We dearly wanted to stop in Blue Hill, but there just wasn't enough time (never is).