Thursday, July 5, 2007

long summer days

I took this image at around 8:00pm the other day ~ sun light streaming into my apartment. Oh, how I love these long summer days. And gardens full of bright blue hydrangea.

More summer inspiration:

* Drawn from Nature: The Plant Lithographs of Ellsworth Kelly.
* Gertrude Jekyll: A Vision of Garden and Wood.
* The Painter's Garden: Design, Inspiration, Delight.
* Irving Penn's flowers.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


Anonymous said...

Blue Hydrangea by Rainer Maria Rilke, July1906, Paris
Just like the last green in a colour pot
So are these leaves, withered and wrecked
Behind the flower umbels, which reflect
A hue of blue only, more they do not.
Reflections are tear-stained, inaccurate,
As if they were about to cease,
And like old blue notepaper sheets
They wear some yellow, grey and violet,
Washed-out like on a children's apron,
Outworn and now no more in use:
We contemplate a small life's short duration.
But suddenly some new blue seemingly is seen
In just one umbel, and we muse
Over a moving blue delighting in the green.
xo KDM

Janet said...

K ~ thank you. xx

cgb said...

Growing blue hydrangea at the cottage, just for you!