Friday, July 13, 2007

trouvée: orientalism

I love the composition of this photograph, with the flower, the drape of the robe, and the profile of the young man ~ north African perhaps? An artist's model? I am not sure that this is an original photohraph ~ a vintage copy, maybe, of a 19th-century Orientalist photographic portrait. I found it London, in a pile of several other similar images, but this was the only one I purchased.

Happy weekend all! The weather forecast for Washington is perfect, and I am planning to go to the National Museum of Women in the Arts to see Italian Women Artists from the Renaissance to the Baroque before it closes on Sunday, and a fun little show that just opened, of Frida Kahlo photographs and letters.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Italian Women Artists exhibit - but what was going on with the frame of Artemisia Gentileschi's Judith and Holofernes? KDM