Friday, October 19, 2007

art of the snapshot

Ohhhhh, way too tired today to get a found photo scanned and posted. Sorry! Instead, go revel in all of the fabulousness of The Art of the American Snapshot, 1888-1978: From the Collection of Robert E. Jackson, at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, through December 31st. And for those of you snapshot fans, the catalogue is fantastic!

Have a wonderful weekend!

(image: "A.T.M. 1963," 1963, gelatin silver print, Collection of Robert E. Jackson)


Christine said...

That could be a photo of me this morning...

Blissville said...

I'm coming to see it, I've got to see it.

Missed you tons this weekend, but in the kitchen, summoned up the spirits of you and your parents, and John and his, too. xoxoxR