Monday, October 15, 2007

new orleans favorites

What would a trip be without a list of loves? So, here are mine from New Orleans ~ there are so many!

* For a wonderful, wonderful meal try Bayona, 430 Rue Dauphine (K ~ just how fabulous was that Cabernet Sauvignon!?!)

* Need a little pick me up? Go to Brocato, 214 North Carrollton Avenue, for tiramisu ice cream and an almond macaroon. A local favorite, the business was completely flooded during the hurricane, but thanks to a lot of hard work, they are back and better than ever. The sign? The original was destroyed in the storm, but the new one is a fantastic replica!

* Light and airy, and full of delicate treasures, Pied Nu, 5521 Magazine Street, will not fail to delight (even if you can only browse).

* What to do when a torrential downpour interrupts your walk in the Garden District? Duck into The Rink, 2727 Prytania Street, and lose yourself in the stacks at the Garden District Book Shop. Independently owned, and stuffed full of everything you have been wanting to read (and even more you didn't know about). They also have a special section of just New Orleans-related books.

* And for those you knitters and needlepointers out there ~ you would love The Quarter Stitch, 630 Chartres Street (in the French Quarter). Luscious baskets full of knitting yarn, walls and walls of needlepoint canvases, and a candy-like bins of wool threads. My next project? A fleur-de-lis Christmas ornament.


MIR said...

I bet you never knew that I LOVE spumone ice cream? Probably my favorite next to bananna. YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading and enjoying your blog for some time always inspires! I have loved all your recent New Orleans posts. Next time you stop into Pied Nu, have lunch at Casamento's on Magazine Street. It's legendary and lots of fun.

Janet said...

Oh, thank you! Am looking forward to a return trip and a lunch at Casamento's ~ there are just so many wonderful places to eat in New Orleans.

Fairfax said...

One of the best meals I had was at Bayonna. Susan Spicer was the chef and she was a friend of the man I was with. She did us up! I've never had so many delish things at one meal.