Friday, October 5, 2007

summer fades into fall

Even though it is 80 degrees in Washington, one certainly can feel summer slipping into fall. The days are getting shorter, the sunsets are deeper and redder. The sun is lower, and the shadows are longer. The leaves are looking brown and are beginning to drift down and pile up along the edges of the sidewalk. The roses are heavy and full ~ looking a little bit like a crumpled ball gown the day after a party. And I am beginning to long for cozy cashmere sweaters...for fall is my favorite season.

I am afraid I have no found photograph for today ~ this week has just been a little too hectic! And, believe it or not, just as I have finished unpacking my bags, I find myself packing them again. This time for a wee vacation ~ a long-planned trip to see a dear old friend in New Orleans. This will be my first trip since the hurricane, so I am anxious to see how things are. I will report back on Tuesday. For those of you who have Monday off, enjoy it...

Cheers to all!

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cgb said...

Touching tarmac simultaneously, but too many miles apart! I hope you have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see the photos!