Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Just stopping in quickly to wish you all a HAPPY (and safe) HALLOWEEN!

Photograph of shadows on a tombstone in Old Westminster Graveyard in Baltimore, the site of Edgar Allan Poe's grave. By the way, our little historic house group did venture up to pay our respects several weeks ago. After exploring the graveyard, we headed to the Poe House at 203 Amity Street, only to find its door locked tight, no caretaker in sight. Apparently, to quote Poe, "there are some secrets that do not permit themselves to be revealed."


Anne said...


Fairfax said...

you're brave going to amity street. not the best 'hood. my great-great grandfather's also buried at westminster.

Janet said...

Well, we had a big group (including one large, burly man). But, yes the neighborhood is intersting. And ~ your grandfather is certainly in good company!