Friday, February 1, 2008

trouvée: trees

This is one of my favorite photographs, found on ebay several years ago for $1! Other than the number "4 E 1220" inscribed into the negative (see upper right), there are no inscriptions. It's old though, probably 1890s. I adore cyanotypes ~ and the blues in this print are particularly rich and beautiful.

There is so much gorgeous photography out there right now (both old and new) ~ here are a couple things I am particularly enjoying:

* Ipswich Days (Arthur Wesley Dow's cyanotypes are a love letter to his home town)
* Seton Smith (see her architecture photographs ~ lovely!)

Oh, and I am excited for this (finally, finally!). Wishing you all a wonderful weekend...I'll be back tomorrow with a little announcement and a birthday celebration!


Inkslinger said...

This photograph is so beautiful . . . it's like a perfect note of music or line of poetry.

cgb said...

You are making me a huge fan of cyanotypes!