Thursday, January 22, 2009

a few bits

My mother will be horrified by all the kale. But it really is one of the more photographic leafy greens. And let's face it, the choices are slim at this time of the year ~ it is that or Brussels sprouts. While many of my friends can brag about attending inaugural balls and celebrity sightings of Val Kilmer, Oprah, and our new president, I found myself avoiding the crowds and rummaging for carrots at the farmers market with José Andrés (alas no, I did no ask him what he was making for dinner). However, I can tell you that I made Molly's carrot and fennel soup. So tasty, and very, very easy to make.

A few odd bits:

* this site ~ Obsolete, inc.
* this painting (if only I could bid on it)
* and the simple beauty of these garden tools

I'll be back tomorrow with some more links. cheers!


JR said...

Great you had a Jose Andres sighting! I enjoy his PBS show so much. Have a great weekend.

pve design said...

Kale- I love the story when my father brought home "masses" of Kale and my mother put it in to the washing machine to wash. I just chuckle.
To this day, I adore Kale and love it with a bit of bacon.