Monday, January 5, 2009

new year's light

I am still feeling a little under the weather, so you will have to forgive the lack of inspired posts. Hopefully I can ease back into the swing of things soon.

However, there is a little piece of fun news to share. Several weeks ago I was contacted by Schmap Guides, asking permision to use a couple of my photographs from Flickr, one for the Paris guide, and the other for the Bath guide. Well, both were accepted...and you may see them here and here!

Happy monday!


Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

A new career?! You do have such a great eye for composition and lighting and ....! Congratulations! EEE

Inkslinger said...

That's great news! Congratulations!
And I hope you feel better soon.

Pigtown-Design said...

Janet! What wonderful news! I am so excited for you.

Hope you're feeling better soon. There's a lot going around {cough, cough}.

AnnaVallance said...

congratulations and feel better soon.

glp said...

Good work! Now get better so you can go out and take more photos.

Style Court said...

Congratulations Janet! Hope soon you will be feeling much better! We love your eye.