Friday, January 23, 2009

trouvée: claire and jack

My grandmother and uncle Jack. Found while going through some papers last night. I wish I was that stylish.

Today's photo links are an embarrassment of riches:

* American Photobooth
* The Americans
* some American cityscapes ~ Brad Moore (via This Joy + Ride)
* and inauguration fever in Washington

Do you sense a theme here? Enjoy and have a great weekend!


ArchitectDesign said...

Wow, I love that hat! It was great meeting you tonight!

Pigtown-Design said...

Honey... you're every bit that stylish.

I am jealous that you got to meet Stephan!

Justin said...

You are most certainly just as stylish, darling. It must run in the family.

columnist said...

I can't comment about your own stylishness - but it would seem from others' comments that you have it in spades. But it is amazing to look through old photographs to see how well people dressed generally. But perhaps it was uncomfortable? The Sartorialist does a pretty good job of showing that a lot of people are still very stylishly dressed, and I must say, I do make the effort every day. Perhaps it's a generational thing - my father still wears a tie everyday (indoors), and will have all the other accoutrements when he goes out - hat, gloves in winter, and a stick, or umbrella.

John R said...

Bite your tongue, Janet --- you're at least that stylish! Love the blog and miss seeing you, others chez George.

Janet said...

You all are too cute.

Columnist ~ I do think there was an inherent formality to the way in which people used to dress every day. It would probably just seem silly today. I never met my grandmother, but everyone says she was always terribly put together.

Mr. R ~ We will just have to meet again chez TJ. I think a field trip to Poplar Forest is in the works. You will have to join us!