Monday, February 16, 2009

close to home 6

Happy Presidents' Day to you! Things are very quiet in the nation's capital, but I am busy packing for an adventure. I will be rather "far from home" for the rest of February, and away from this space. But, I promise to bring back lots of wonderful things.

Be well. See you in March.


Inkslinger said...

Happy Presidents Day! :) And happy adventuring . . . though the rest of February will definitely lack a certain something without your beautiful posts.

carol said...

February will be a dull month, indeed, awaiting your return. Safe and happy journey.

Pigtown-Design said...

Safe travels!

See you in early March!

Anonymous said...

We miss you already. Be safe my friend. ~MIR

Anonymous said...

As always: come back to the five and dime JCB, JCB!
Missing you - KDM