Thursday, February 12, 2009

two warm days

Two days of blue skies and 70-degree temperatures in Washington ~ and forsythia makes an appearance (though I fear it will be shivering by weeks' end). I managed to escape from the office a little early yesterday afternoon as I needed to run over to the ANA offices to pick up a JR pass (I wonder if you all can figure out what that means?!?), and decided to walk home afterwards. What a joy to have a little sun on my face and a warm breeze at my back!

Anyway, I stopped by Borders to pick up a copy of see if it is indeed as good as all the buzz proports. Well, it is a culinary feast in print and packed full of recipes! Well worth the splurge ($9.99).


pve design said...

When my youngest was in tot stop, on our walks home she would get so excited to see the forsythia, she called it forcynthia!
Everything I make from Jamie is de-lish.

Janet said...

Oh Patricia, that is such a cute story. I love how children's minds work. So very logical in a way.

carol said...

Gorgeous blue and yellow! cgb