Thursday, February 5, 2009

the traveler

Thank you to Courtney at Style Court for including me in her "mental traveler" series. She never fails to delight and inspire me with her daily discoveries, so I am truly honored.

And speaking of travel, I can't help but wonder if Mr. Ferren has been reading my blog...!? What a treat to see the city of Washington featured in such a positive light.


pve design said...

ya can't get there from here ---
I love Maine too.
You should be proud. Wicked proud to be included on Style Court's mental traveler series-

Anonymous said...

Congratulations JCB! and hmmmm, I do believe you have a blog anniversary coming up. Thanks for making the world a little more beautiful for so many of us every day. cgb

Anonymous said...

your blog is super great - thanks for the many good tips on washington - am planning to visit for the first time next month. if possible...i would SO appreciate any wisdom you might be able to impart re hotels? where should is stay and are there any particular small hotels you might be able to recommend? many thanks! joanna

Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

JCB - I too had my suspicions of Mr. Ferren's inspiration! EEE

Style Court said...

Thank you Janet for being so generous!

Janet said...

Thank you all!

pve ~ I am indeed some proud!

Joanna ~ here is a great list of small hotels in Washington: ~ it all depends on how much your budget will allow. My personal favorite is the Tabard Inn, but I have heard they have been super booked since they were featured in a recent issue of Domino.

EEE ~ that article made me smile.

and Courtney ~ you are the best!

Julie said...

I loved these pictures, and they have me dreaming of warm weather and summer vacations which is a good antidote for February.

Anonymous said...

thanks Janet!! Joanna