Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a winter meal

As the produce selection dwindles at the farmers' market, I am getting creative. Very creative. This week, however, I thought I had finally hit rock bottom. Seriously, what the heck can you do with wild mushrooms and Brussels sprouts? (Again with the sprouts, I know.) Well, apparently, Gourmet has an answer for everything. Hallelujah...some seriously divine inspiration.

And gosh, don't these look good?


kate said...

great photo, always blog cking out your blog, please see new posting on ours.
best to you

Anonymous said...

Ever since we went to Salt I've been loving roasted brussels sprouts with LOADS of salt! Yummy! ~MIR

pve design said...

I adore mushrooms as well as brussels sprouts, with chestnuts. I have a wonderful recipe for that if you need any more.

Michelle said...

Been on the Gourmet site alot recently too. Found a great ginger scallion egg drop soup recipe I was going to try tomorrow.

love that mushroom photo!

Janet said...

Thank you all!

Michelle ~ I saw that soup recipe in the magazine and it intrigued me as it includes some of my favorite flavors. You will have to tell me how it is!

Iz ~ I forgot about those sprouts. So good.

Blissville said...

Janet - those are oyster mushrooms! a little gelatinous when cooked, beautiful on the palette, used sometimes in Thai restaurants in the coconut soup. and yummy in soups, and i'm sure, yes, i'm sure, with brussel sprouts.
love the blog, love your persistence. it's beautiful.