Monday, June 8, 2009

al fresco!

Summer meals al fresco ~ this weekend was full of them. The rain finally cleared out and we were treated to blue skies and warm temperatures. On the menu was homemade quiche Lorraine and tomato salad with fresh basil and asparagus. Cherries made their debut at the market ~ and they didn't last long! Neither did this raspberry buttermilk cake, which I made saturday morning (it didn't even stick around long enough for a photo session!). Very pretty, and so easy to make.

I hope you all had a yummy weekend.


glp said...

cherries here as well. yum.

little augury said...

Your pictures are always so wonderful-Beautifully just a hobby or a profession? la

Janet said...

little a ~ thank you! It's just a hobby. I am also afraid to admit that there is almost never any styling ~ I prefer to shoot things as I see them.