Tuesday, June 9, 2009

summer evenings

Summer evenings are made for strolling. The shadows are long and the temperatures mild. People sit outdoors on their stoops, sipping cold drinks and smoking cigarettes. And afterwards, a glass of wine, or perhaps a lemon verbena gimlet?

A few lovely things:
* an update from Greer ~ the first home-grown salad!

And as the newspaper man yelled at me this morning: "welcome to your tuesday!"


Gretchen said...

The gimlet sounds divine. And yay! for Greer!

glp said...

I am going to treat myself to that gimlet the minute I finish grading! And - news flash, I harvested some swiss chard! Cheers to you.

Abby said...

1) I'm definitely craving a gimlet now.

2) Is this your stoop?

3) You were up when your paper came? Mine comes at like 4 in the morning,

Janet said...

Sounds like we need to have a gimlet party! Greer is bringing the lemon verbena.

Abby ~ alas, no, it is not my stoop...I just walk by it every day and wish it was. Our papers come around 4 as well...I can hear the thuds as the delivery guy makes his way down the hall!

Style Court said...

Lovely images and thoughts, as usual, Janet. Sounds like a novel.

Janet said...

Thank you Courtney!