Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have been organizing old photos and came across this one, which I have posted before. But, it reminds me that gooseberries are on the way. They are always really cheap at the market because no one ever seems to know what to do with them. Well, lately I have been a bit obsessed with chutney, and so when I stumbled across this recipe, I thought it sounded too good not to try:

Gooseberry Chutney

3 lbs of gooseberries
1 lb of sugar
½ lb of onions
1 pint of vinegar
½ pint of water
½ oz of salt
1 tablespoon of ground ginger
½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Top and tail the gooseberries, and chop roughly. Finely chop the onions; then cook with the berries in the water until they are softened well. Add the remaining ingredients, then simmer until the chutney becomes thick, stirring occasionally. Bottle while still hot, and cover immediately.


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. Our season is a bit later - think three weeks behind Maine - but gooseberries are my favourite summer treat.
There's a colonial-era Canadian recipe that probably began in New England, if not in England proper - a white, iced cake with a layer of gooseberry jam between layers of cake. quite splendid.
-Mr. Inkslinger

Blue said...

Cook them with elderflowers and sugar. Whip cream and fold cooked gooseberries through it - called gooseberry fool.

Janet said...

Oh, you both have me dreaming of whipped cream and frosting! What wonderful ideas for those lovely gooseberries. Thank you!