Wednesday, November 4, 2009

november days

All of a sudden it is November. Really, when did that happen? Anyway, I am back from Michigan ~ and somehow the evenings seem shorter and the mornings colder. Haven't had a chance to go through the photographs from my trip, but I do promise that there is a house tour to come in the next couple days. In the meantime, I thought I would warm you up with thoughts of green gardens, cozy houses, and a couple things to tempt the palate:
* Mrs. Delany at Yale (the catalogue is amazing!)
* an eclectic farmhouse in the Catskills
* and the buzz in Washington these days

(above: in the greenhouse at Ten Chimneys)


little augury said...

Your photographs are always so great. Love these 2 especially. I got Mrs Delany for my birthday-I want to see that exhibit before it heads out. I see you are reading The Blithedale Romance, I have not read it-how is it, and that looks like a Clarence John Laughlin photo on the cover.

Blue said...

As Lil' A says, lovely photos. I went to the eclectic farmhouse link and now I want one - the farmhouse, that is - and immediately. The problem is, upper New York State is not quite the northern suburbs of Atlanta. Will buy the Delany catalogue when back in stock.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Delany is a must have. Love the pictures. KDM

BigLittleWolf said...

Beautiful pics. I am new to your blog, but I will happily return. So much texture in these images, and they bring back wonderful memories for me not only from inside the Beltway, but antiquing throughout the Mid-Atlantic as a child and young teen.

Janet said...

little a ~ thank you, thank you! I too am dying to get up to New Haven...for that AND the Walpole exhibition. Am really enjoying "The Blithedale Romance" ~ it has been a while since I spent time with Hawthorne and it is wonderful. The cover photograph is by Trinette Reed.

Blue ~ my copy shipped today, so I think they are back in stock.

KDM ~ love the WHOLE book!

BigLittleWolf ~ thanks for stopping by and leaving behind such kind words!

Cheers all!

home before dark said...

I need to reread Hawthorne. I had a great professor who was a Hawthorne expert. Rappaccini's Daughter was my favorite. Thanks to LA for sending Mrs. Delany to my attention. And I always find such delicious morsels at your blog. (My late father-in-law tried to make norsel a word at a late night Scrabble fight. He, the attorney, in an authoritative voice described it as a small morsel. Not!) No norsels here! I think you, LA and Blue have some of the best posts. A trinity I have enjoyed.

Janet said...

home before dark ~ your comments are like delicious morsels! Wow...thank you!

Style Court said...

Janet, appreciate the catalog link :)

Janet said...

Courtney ~ you of all people should have that book! I haven't had a chance to REALLY read it, but even skimming has been delightful.