Thursday, May 13, 2010

the early girl

This morning I ventured up to the roof garden, and much to my delight discovered that the "Early Girl" had delivered! Two perfect yellow buds. And then LOOK what I found on the "Cherokee"! I practically cried. For those of you seasoned gardeners out there, I am sure this is all routine, but for me it is miraculous. The challenge of bringing this garden to life has been immense, from getting approval from the condo board and overcoming the nay sayers to battling a rather unforgiving roof-top climate. So, yes this is a minor miracle. Of course, we are not hanging up the victory banner until we sit down to our first home-grown Caprese salad and a cool bottle of rosé. There is still a way to go.

A couple of you have chided me about not sharing some wedding details here. Well, honestly I didn't want this to become a bridal blog! However, there are some fun things you might enjoy hearing about (from historic houses to grand old gardens), so stay tuned over the next few months. {wink, wink}


Gretchen said...

Gardens should always hold a little bit of the miraculous. I'm always shocked with flowers bloom and fruit matures. Enjoy the new deliveries!

BTW, can't wait to hear about wedding details - via blog or in person.

Emile de Bruijn said...

You are making us even more curious with these tantalising hints! Now we are all wondering: Will it be a historically-themed wedding? Will it be at a historic house or in an old garden? Or perhaps a rooftop ceremony, among the flowering pots? Oh, the expectation :)

Janet said...

G ~ Oh, I am enjoying and marveling every day. I run up there first thing every morning. Hopefully we can get together soon so we can catch up in person.

Emile ~ Hmmm...historically inspired, yes. A historic house, yes. And a garden. No rooftop (thank goodness). I need to get things a bit better organized before I reveal too much. But, I do promise it will be lots of fun.