Wednesday, May 5, 2010

parsley, sage

Rosemary and thyme. All happily planted, ten stories up. We filled five 3-foot containers with herbs, and two large terra cotta pots with tomatoes. And there is space for more! Many of the building residents are a bit dubious that we can pull this off, but I am happy to report that our little garden seems to be flourishing after only a couple days. The tomatoes have settled in nicely and are already showing a few flowers.

I found two of my neighbors on the roof this morning, sipping coffee by the tomato plants. They said they have been coming up every morning to check on the progress. No matter where you live it seems, it is the simplest things that bring the most joy!

I intend to document the garden throughout the summer ~ you may keep up with our progress here.


Sanity Fair said...

That's so charming. I'm imaging a gardening block party on the roof!

Gretchen said...

I'm tearing up a little bit. So glad you finally have a garden to play in. I'm loving the railing boxes - never seen ones like those. Looks great and I look forward to seeing how it all progresses!

Janet said...

Sanity Fair ~ that is EXACTLY what I am thinking!!!

G ~ it is such a joy! I found the railing boxes online, and so far they seem to be working wonderfully. Today the tomato plants have sprouted two flower buds!