Wednesday, May 12, 2010

germander and lavender

I had hoped to get a house tour up this week! Oh...where do these May days go?

In between wedding planning, I have been avidly reading Alys Fowler's book, Garden Anywhere, which has been hugely helpful (along with Gayla Trail's fabulous gardening blog). Over the weekend we had some very cold, windy weather, which took a little bit of a toll on the garden ~ the basil specifically. So we transplanted it on monday to a more protected container. We also added six more tomato plants (things with names like "Early Girl" and "Lemon Boy").

Some yummy spring dishes I am dying to try: asparagus pesto and roasted radish!

(photos from our trip to Williamsburg last month!)


smilla4blogs said...

I thought these photographs looked familiar!

Everyone will forgive you if you are a little bit preoccupied...and all of your posts and links are a joy.

house things said...

Thanks for reminding me how much I like germander. It is an excellent groundcover sort of plant.

Anne said...

I do love the tomato names. My favorite of the wide variety they had at Johnson's was the "Recession Buster".

Janet said...

mom ~ you might just have a few that look very similar...

house things ~ I think germander is beautiful in a modest sort of way!

Anne ~ Tomato names are like racing horse names! I love them.

pve design said...

Those roasted radishes look divine! Who knew is right!