Monday, December 20, 2010

the long night

Tonight, for the first time in 372 years, a lunar eclipse will occur on the winter solstice. It is the sort of event worth staying up for ~ and I have a feeling I won't get much sleep! However, last night I noticed the moon shining brightly on my pillow at about 2:00am, so I might not even have to get out of bed to see it.

Today I have been thinking about winter. As cruel a season as it is, I find it irresistibly beautiful. In fact, I think it is probably my favorite time of year to photograph. The images above are mine from last winter (two I never posted), and below some flickr favorites:

1. Éljúðnir, 2. Stopping by woods..., 3. snowpocalypse 8, 4. Snowflake

For those in the northern hemisphere. Snuggle up. It's going to be a long night. . .


Blue said...

I agree with you about winter - it's my favorite season, too, though I don't photograph it. I suppose, each season has something, but winter ... the northernness in me, probably. Short, dark and cold days are in my blood - at midwinter back home there might be a rumor of daylight by ten in the morning, but it will be gone by four in the afternoon. Here its, sun, sun, sun and more sun! Gimme a dark, cold and wet day, and I'll show you a happy man.

#2 Stopping by the woods, is very appealing, as you might imagine.

Happy Christmas to you and your husband.

Janet said...

Ah, Blue. I am a winter baby through and through. I think my heart beats a little faster when it snows. So here's wishing you a little darkness and a very merry Christmas. (And glad you like the "stopping" ~ my brother should go out with his camera more often, no?)

home before dark said...

I believe it's actually 456 years (according to NASA) since we have been treated to this convergence. I read that in earlier ages that people were so scared that they beat pots and pans until the moon came back. I won't be beating the pans ( I might enjoy that if my neighbors did not object) but I will be up watching this beautiful red moon herald the solstice. The light of the season to you and the gentleman. And so glad that Cooper arrived to his new territory (as I wrote to her mom, I envisioned him walking off the plane with a backpack full of books). New adventures await for all!