Friday, December 10, 2010

trouvée: the librarian

This one comes from the gentleman's collection ~ a young librarian with some heavy reading. Uninscribed, but likely dating to the 1880s.

Recently the gentleman and I received an extraordinary addition to our already burgeoning library ~ more than a hundred history, art, architecture, and garden books. Along with biographies, published journals and diaries. A carefully curated archive, a treasure trove of information, given to us by a true scholar. Oh, the gift of knowledge is a most glorious thing!

With visions of English pleasure gardens dancing in my head, it is hard to image that I have room for much fiction. But, oh I do! My winter reading list:

* Curiosity, by Joan Thomas (due out in the US in March)
* Walt Whitman's Secret, by George Fetherling (this and the above, via The Overdecorated Bookcase)
* The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, by David Mitchell
* Parrot and Olivier in America, by Peter Carey
* The Professor and the Madman, by Simon Winchester (one piece of non fiction!)
* and of course, finishing up those Stieg Larsson mysteries!

Happy weekend, happy reading. Cheers.


victoria thorne said...

she is one truly beautiful soul. congrats on the splendid splendid gift.

little augury said...

I have read 2 on your list, have you read the 13th tale? just went right thru that. I adore the librarian

Inkslinger said...

Oh!! I do hope you like those books as much as I did . . . and I'm going to add the others to my list (the ones not already on it, that is). Happy reading indeed! :)

smilla4blogs said...

Indeed the most glorious gift I could ever imagine....I could just hug her! This treasure will give you a lifetime of joy. The gentleman's photograph is perfect for the occasion!

home before dark said...

I need to apply for a JCB & Her Gentleman library card. what a wonderful, loving gift. I have visions of you two having to walk around your apartment with 1' wide, book-lined pathways!

Janet said...

Victoria ~ a beautiful soul indeed!

little a ~ 13th tale is on my stack, but I haven't read it yet. Perhaps I'll have to throw that on the list too.

Inkslinger ~ I ALWAYS like your recommendations.

mom ~ so nice to have the gentleman's collection to dip into every now and then!

hbd ~ your vision is not far off base! We are thinking of cataloguing everything through Library Thing, so library cards may very well be needed!!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

100 volumes? Time for more bookshelves!