Wednesday, December 8, 2010

winter flowers

It is cold in Washington this week, but no snow. The gentleman and I have been making soup and eating turkey sandwiches with left-over cranberry sauce. And I started my paperwhites on monday. A small nod to the season.

I love the holidays:

* humming along to the Messiah (hit repeat, start again)
* mini Bundt cakes!
* the annual poinsettias
* and A Christmas Carol at the Morgan

Am working on my winter reading list (after hopping over here for the usual literary inspiration). Hopefully I will have that for you on friday.


Style Court said...

Love the berries, Janet.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Can't wait to see your winter reading list!


Two pots of paperwhites blooming in the front hall where it is coolest and more just started in the living room where I can watch them. Loved the links, especially reading about the speed of Dicken's writing and the revisions etc.