Tuesday, December 14, 2010

our wedding: part II

To be honest, our reception was all about the food and wine. We were adamant about having a long, boozy lunch, rather than the usual dinner with dancing. In fact, the first thing we did after we were engaged was call our favorite restaurant to check availability in October. It was one of the best decisions we made. Looking around and seeing our loved ones sharing a good meal was one of my favorite parts of the day.

The restaurant completely outdid itself. We worked with the chef to put together a special menu for the occasion. First up, butternut squash soup (to warm everyone's tummy on a chilly autumn day). Followed by either salmon with wild mushroom purée, or veal meatballs with polenta. Each course paired with its own wine.

In lieu of traditional wedding cake for dessert, we decided on warm pear crisp with ginger ice cream. However, the pastry chef did make us a mini three-layer wedding cake, which we sliced with great ceremony! (I had only a few bites before my niece and nephew ran off with the rest.)

Decorations were kept to the bare minimum. Because I knew there would be so many wine glasses on the tables, I simply assembled small nosegays of flowers in glass rose bowls. The place cards were done by the same calligrapher who addressed our invitations, Kathryn Murray. And my 12-year-old niece made paper origami cranes (a symbol of honor and loyalty), which she placed at each setting.

I suspect this sort of reception is not for everyone, but it suited us just perfectly. And several people did tell us it was the "best. wedding. reception. ever." !!!

(all photographs: Kate Headley)


ArchitectDesign™ said...

It was just tons of fun, for everyone ;-) Yes, even for the kiddies who weren't partaking in all of the wines - the champagne was my favorite and I admit I drank it throughout the luncheon!
I had the salmon which was SUPER delicious! It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.


Everything looks perfect which — knowing you (even if only through the blog) — I am sure it was! We did a dinner at our favorite restaurant, too; so it's easy to imagine yours. The owner and I started out once upon a time as pastry chefs, so it was a given that Mark and I would be married and have the reception at her restaurant. Thanks for sharing your day and Kate's photos with us.

home before dark said...

I so applaud your personal sense and sensibility displayed on your special day. Would love to share a boozy lunch with you any day!

pve design said...

We are kindred spirits! Our wedding was at noon and I remember everyone tellind us how much they enjoyed the leisurely meal. There is something special about wine during the day! Love your images...

greer said...

as elegant as you! yay wedding lunches!

and thank you for sharing these delicious pictures.

Pigtown-Design said...

i love the boozy lunches i've had with you and can't wait to have one with you and the gentleman!

Janet said...

AD ~ you are so funny! I remember well how much of the sparkling rosé you consumed. Well deserved my friend, for all you did to make the day perfect.

Linda ~ thank you. I have learned that if you make friends with anyone, make sure at least one of them is a chef!!!

hbd ~ it is a date. I do long, boozy lunches very well.

pve ~ kindred spirits in many ways, I think. I read somewhere that historically weddings were generally held at noon because the two hands of the clock were in a praying position. I just like the idea of the two hands being together.

greer ~ thank you friend! xo

Meg ~ in the new year for sure! Perhaps some BBQ and a margarita?

Laurent said...

One can spy with one nostril tied behind one's back, the label of White Hall Vineyards' vintage "Soliterre," an ornament of Piedmont Virginia winemaking and ideal with anything involving pear (including or not, ginger). I would hope the children did not make off with it all, but if they did, breeding will glowingly tell.

The Down East Dilettante said...

It all looks pretty perfect to me--exactly the elegant simplicity we expect from JCB

And good wine

Emile de Bruijn said...

I hadn't realised that you two met at the Attingham Summer School - how incredibly romantic.

And such a beautiful wedding - an inspiration to us all to try to add a bit more beauty to our lives.