Tuesday, May 22, 2007

coffee, anyone?

I was thrilled to finally receive a piece of mail with the new coffeepot stamp featuring a rendering of a silver coffeepot, circa 1786, belonging to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (see below). The coffeepot was made by prominent Philadelphia silversmiths Joseph Richardson, Jr. (1752-1831) and Nathaniel Richardson (1754-1827). The coffeepot is the sixth stamp in the USPS American Design series ~ which also features the 1-cent Tiffany lamp, the 4-cent Chippendale chair, the 5-cent American toleware, and the 10-cent American clock. What's so special about the coffeepot? It was illustrated by a friend!
(bottom image: Philadelphi Museum of Art, 1986-105-1,
Gift of Louise Hoffman, 1986)

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